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How Sex Machines Fill The Gap Of Sex Toy Satisfaction

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Anyone who’s into porn has undoubtedly seen a few intense scenes that feature a fucking machine. These devices are definitely the heavyweight champions of sex toys! In porn, you’ll often see women and men using sex machines for extreme satisfaction. The deep and fast pumping of soaked holes makes it appear like the beastly machine is in full control of the performers’ minds and bodies! While those types of scenes will undoubtedly tickle your imagination, it’s common to feel intimidated if you’re actually thinking of buying a fucking machine.

So are love machines really as pleasurable and as intense as porn shows them to be? How do they compare to standard sex toys? Take a look at our article on how sex machines fill the gap of sex toy satisfaction!

Sex Toys Help With Satisfying Sexual Desires

A lot of people feel anxious or awkward about purchasing sex toys for the first time. However, it’s worth noting that adult toys have evolved so much in recent years. They can help you fulfill any sexual desire that you can imagine! Men and women can use vibrators, butt plugs, suction toys, cock rings, anal beads, and many other toys for solo or mutual experimentation. If you’ve got a specific desire, you’ll surely be able to satisfy it.

If you’re looking into sex machines, they can allow you to fulfill all sorts of fantasies. However, you can also use them for regular masturbation and penetration. Yet, there are a few ways in which they differ from standard adult toys.

Using Sex Machines Provides a Different Feeling

Fucking machines offer a specific type of sensation because they provide intense and often endless waves of penetration and vibration. Their best feature is the fact that they are hands-free. They can essentially do all the work for you!

For example, if you use a vibrator or a similar toy, you have to rely on your hands or body for thrusting. However, with a sex machine, you merely need to give in. Simply let the device penetrate you without ever needing to move. That is the crucial feature that separates fucking machines from regular sex toys. It also makes the experience feel much more realistic.

Generally, a saddle or thrusting sex machine can simulate the effect of real penetration for the user. But machines will never get tired or cum too early!

If you’re into hardcore anal sex, double penetration, deep G-spot orgasms, and even prostate milking, a sex machine will be perfect. It can cause deep and powerful penetration that just isn’t possible with regular sex or with toys. Moreover, fucking machines may even allow women to have a squirting orgasm for the first time. The same applies to men with prostate orgasms.

On top of all that, the unique configuration can arouse you mentally as you’ll most likely relinquish all control. And that also applies if you are using a machine with your partner and allowing them to control it! That will introduce some incredibly naughty activities into your sex life!

Sex Machine Design and Specifications

If you’ve already decided to find a high-tech machine, it’s essential to do some research. You’ll have to investigate the device type, design, and specifications. Overall, there are thousands of different models. They can be separated into a few primary categories, including the saddle and thruster variants. Others are monkey rockers, power tool machines, sex robots, etc.

Saddle Type

This type of sex machine consists of a vibrating base with a detachable dildo. This type is the one that you can straddle and ride. Standard models offer remotes with controls that will allow you to adjust the vibration speed. This kind of automatic sex machine is fantastic for women. Its design allows the whole chassis to vibrate and stimulate various erogenous zones. However, avoid placing it on hard, flat surfaces. Also, it’s not a quiet sex machine. Luckily, you can eliminate some of the noise by placing it on a towel or carpet.

Thruster Type

This type of stand-up machine contains a rotating motor and a rod that allows you to attach various adult toys. It’s highly versatile, and it provides machine thrusting in a forward and backward motion. As long as you choose a compatible toy that matches your depth, you can attach it and use it for all types of penetration.

Sex Machines Can Perform Slow to Rough Sex

As mentioned previously, you can use a fucking machine for just about any type of penetration.

Even if you’re not into rough sex and extreme penetration, you can simply use a machine to simulate the effect of regular sex. However, it will always be a bit different due to some of the unique characteristics of each machine type.

Moreover, with the machine’s remote, you can control the penetration or vibration speed and simply set it to where it suits you. Of course, it’s possible to vary the speed during a session. You could also start slowly and then ramp up the speed for more intensity. What’s more, many models will offer several vibration and penetration patterns that can produce some unique sensations. Sex machines are also incredibly helpful for those who are having a difficult time reaching orgasms. With a slow speed and additional clitoral stimulation, the machine can penetrate you for a long time. Also, it may make it easier to focus on your orgasm and build it up.

On the other hand, if you want to use the machine for rough sex, the options are also vast. You can use it for fast sex that can result in female ejaculation, but it’s also possible to explore all sorts of kinks, including femdom, brutal penetration, gaping, anal training, BDSM, etc.

Dildos Can Be Replaced

As stated earlier, with any machine, you have to make sure that the toy matches your depth. Otherwise, the session could result in discomfort or injury. Luckily, most models allow you to swap out the dildo and use just about any type or size. That makes the machine a highly worthwhile investment since you’ll never get bored with just one toy. They will allow you to pick the toy size, texture, and color that you prefer!

However, it’s worth mentioning that sex machines offer different types of attachment methods. The attachment method of the device has to match the toy, and the two have to be compatible. Generally, there are two primary attachment methods — the first results in a direct fit, meaning that the toy is designed specifically for your machine. Conversely, the other solution is to adjust and adapt the toy to make it fit the device with an adapter. Some of the most typical attachment systems that you’ll see on various models are quick air connectors, screw-on adapters, and saw converters. In other cases, your machine could arrive with a universal adapter that could allow you to connect any toy.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all about sex machines and the intense pleasures they can offer, take a look at some of them online like the ones from

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